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At Water for Life, you’ll discover the best solutions for you within our line of 50+ water solutions! There are no “one size fits all” solutions at Water for Life.  Effective water treatment requires thought, and it often means challenging your own assumptions. 

 At Water for Life,  you’ll discover what Budget, Better, and Best Whole House Systems and Drinking water appliances really mean and you’ll understand why we believe every system is too expensive unless you understand the value and benefit to you. We can help you cut through the Internet confusion, the Big Box store misinformation, and the commissioned salesperson high pressure to discover YOUR best possibilities and how to decide which one is THE BEST BUY based upon your family or business’ water quality, maintenance and budgetary objectives. We think an hour thinking through the possibilities with the pros at Water for Life will not only save you time and money but also help you understand why who you buy from is just as important as what you buy.  

Let us prove to you how our expertise, unmatched choice, and independence can literally save you thousands AND get you better equipment that comes from large companies with national parts and service capabilities and some of the industry’s best written warranties.


Yes, drinking pure water in sufficient quantity doesn’t just taste and smell better than the stinking water you’ve been drinking, it is truly the affordable healthcare we all want. Your body needs fact, cries out for it when you experience inflammation, indigestion, fainting, diarrhea, pimples, dry skin, hair loss, cramps, and muscle soreness.


We promise... Even before you choose to honor us with your business, we will help you to test not only your water and pressure, but your theories about your water, perhaps in ways you never imagined, to design a water system for you that makes the water the way you know you’re going to love, And we also promise... that you will have chosen a company who will professionally install your custom system, And finally, we promise... that we will help you test your water quality and maintain that very same system to make sure the quality of your water stays that water you loved in the beginning as a way for life. Water for’s not just a slogan or something we say, it’s what we do and what we live by at Water for Life!
And it bears repeating that...  


Experience: In business 32+ years working on all types of water found in Atlanta metro.
Choice: We offer more choices of water systems than any competitor. 50+ Solutions from the most affordable to the best available technologies that are in a class by themselves!
Atlanta Community Involvement: We’ve sponsored the Charles Harris Run for Leukemia with FREE WATER, and supply FREE WATER to many other non-profits, including Walk to Emmaus and Marietta’s Health and Education Relief Organization for its work in Haiti.
Green: We offer a broad array of zero energy usage, no and low water usage, high efficiency, zero waste solutions on water and Water for Life’s Eco Friendly “Zero Plastic Waste” Machine- a no plastic bottle waste drinking water machine available FREE for Atlanta Community Events.


Best of Category Award Winner: 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021