Hospitality Industry… Forever Pure Water Doesn’t Cost… It Pays

Successful Commercial Food Service Operators Know… Great Taste Drives Sales.

What surprises some is that today’s customers expect to be served better water in their ice water glasses than their restaurant uses to flush it’s toilets.

No plumber in Atlanta can promise Forever Pure drinking water….

Water for Life’s commercial drinking water specialists can! Water for Life sells and leases long lasting, non-electric, twin tank, grade “A” whole house and technical cartridge type drinking and ingredient water solutions, and professionally installs them on your establishment’s hard pipes. We promise pure drinking water that tests pure after the sale, AND tastes so good your customers will rave about your drinking water, your strong “adult beverages”, and your light roast coffee like they rave about your food. We guarantee our authorized commercial drinking water specialists can prove, in writing, how to cut your budget AND clean your drinking and cooking water. Receive 20 free Carafes with every installation of a surface wall mounted hygienic Brita Water Hydration Station Chilled and NSF lead, cyst, and taste and odor filtered water filler and accompanying icemaker filter.

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