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Does Your Family Drink Brown Water?

No you say? Yes they do!

I’m a champion for Mom’s who are fierce protectors of their family’s health! Mom, you CAN provide sustainable and clean drinking water solutions at half the price of the brown water that your family is most certainly drinking now! We’re not drinking brown water, you say? What about the sickeningly sweet, gut busting, tooth rotting Cokes, or Starbucks, and Lipton sweet tea you drink? What color are they?

We’re giving away a top quality Kinetico K5 Everclean Rinse Reverse Osmosis system that’s pictured at the link below! If you’re interested in clean, clear, fresh, pure drinking water. It’s a Consumer Reports Best Reverse Osmosis pick!

The deadline to sign up to win this Kinetico K5 is 5 PM EST on Monday, September 29th, 2014 . . . but you can’t win if you don’t you sign up.

That’s why it’s important you click here to enter for your chance to win a refurbished Kinetico K5 nano/reverse osmosis drinking water station installed with a 3 year warranty RIGHT NOW!

To Enter, Email with your name and phone number. Include a message that you are entering the contest.

We’ll contact you if you’re the winner. No need to be present to win.

Thanks for signing up!

Down with Brown Water!

Water for Life is a for profit drinking water firm dedicated to preserving and protecting the health of the family through an aggressive program designed to mobilize Moms to be the proactive model and protector of their children’s and husband’s health.

Does your bottle-less cooler company really service your cooler?


Does your bottle-less cooler company really service your cooler? Water for Life does.


Annual Preventative Maintenance– Cartridge Replacement, Interior and Exterior Sanitation, check lines for leaks, replace faucets, etc, as needed, water testing for chlorine and tds, report

Service Check – Check of lines, temperatures, and faucetsbottleless-water-coolers-banner5

Same Day/Next Day Service Guarantee – Water for Life Guarantees to service your in line system either the same day or the next day after we receive your service call.

Bottled Water Loaner Program – In the unlikely event your cooler goes down and cannot be repaired or swapped out for any reason, we will bring you a bottled water cooler at no charge and enough bottled water to get you through the crisis.

24/7 Cell Phone and Texting – All our techs and reps are outfitted with iPhones with cameras, and are available 24/7 to schedule service calls Monday- Friday. Service Calls are verified by picture and test message to the headquarters in real time.

Water Testing – We are WQA Master Water Specialists. We are certified to test the water, analyze the test results, and specify equipment by the national Water Quality Association, of which we are members.

Experience – We have 25 years of experience specifying, installing, and maintaining in line systems.

Certifications – Our tech services are Service Magic/Home Advisor approved and we are a WQA Certified Installer

Nest Egg App Inventory Control – Inventory, model, serial number, picture, last purchase date, and price are all loaded into our iPhone app based inventory control system for multi unit customers

Service Tag – Our multi unit customer units are service tagged, showing the manual service record of each machine to the public, as directed. this enables us to take a picture of the service done and send a picture of the newly recorded tag to the headquarters and the customer’s facility manager in real time.

14 Days of Free Drinking Water Challenge

We love heavy drinkers….Water drinkers that is!

If your tap water ran brown, would you drink it or would you wash your dishes in it?

OF course not. In fact you’d probably call the city and complain…Right?

Now think about what you drank yesterday?

What color was it?

Did you try to clean your insides with
Coca Cola?
Sweet tea?

What color was it?

How’d you feel?
Tummy ache?

Want to feel better?
Why not clean your insides with the refreshing purity and FreshSweet taste of
a Water for Life nano/reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration system

Do you think you can’t drink water because it has no taste?
We’d like to show you how we first came to love drinking water at Water for Life.

Take the Water for Life

And, do away with fattening, tooth rotting, bloating, sickeningly sweet
brown water drinks!

That’s right!
We’re so sure you’ll love the FreshSweet taste of
Water for Life like we did, we’re gonna’ deliver a 14 day supply of our bottled water to your door FREE!*

If you want to be pink and clean on the inside, instead of dirty and brown,

Drink Water for Life.

You’ll feel better!

*refundable deposits apply